Frequency Specific Microcurrent

In 2017 I got trained in Frequency Specific Microcurrent by Frequency Specific Sports with Kim Pittis. Later that year I had another training under Shannon Goossen with Frequencies That Mend. For the easiest explanation please watch this video then read more below. 

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a system of treatment using micro-amperage current and the resonance effects of frequencies on tissues and conditions to reduce symptoms and improve health. 

What is microcurrent? Microcurrent is current in millionths of an ampere. Micro-amperage current is the same kind of current your body produces on its own so you can't feel the current.  Microcurrent has been shown to increase energy production in cells by 500% and numerous papers document its ability to improve healing in wounds and fractures.

What can be treated with FSM at Katie Massage? I stay within my scope of practice as a massage therapist and use FSM to compliment my work or treat the tissues in a way that my hands can't. FSM is especially  good at reducing inflammation, treating nerve, joint and muscle pain and dissolving or softening scar tissue.  I see FSM as an adjunct to my massage work.

There are no guarantees that every protocol is going to be effective in every patient. In general, the frequencies either work or don't work and if they don't work they simply have no effect.  As long as appropriate proven therapies are not delayed or withheld, FSM "can't hurt, might help." 

What is the difference between microcurrent and TENS?  Microcurrent is approved in the category of TENS devices by the FDA.  TENS devices deliver a thousand times more current, in the milliamp range, create muscle contraction and block pain messages traveling up the spine to the brain.  TENS devices simply block pain they do not increase cellular energy production.

How would a client best prepare for this treatment?  Easy, HYDRATE! Current flows best though hydrated tissues. It is suggested to drink one quart of water in the two hours before a treatment.  If you have any reports, like MRI reports, bring them with you. If I know what tissue types are damaged I can direct the specific frequencies to best heal those tissues.

Credit given to Frequency Specific Microcurrent for help with this wording.