Review of Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage

“Six-Foot Tiger, Three-Foot Cage: Take Charge of Your Health by Taking Charge of Your Mouth” is Dr. Liao’s way as a dentist to educate the public on what Impaired Mouth Syndrome is. The “three-foot cage” represents underdeveloped jaws and the “six-foot tiger” tells us the tongue is too big for the cage it lives in. When the mouth is in this situation the airway can become blocked by the tongue. This is made worse if the airway is structurally too small to begin with. Imagine breathing through a coffee straw versus a garden hose. The domino effect leads to snoring, grinding teeth at night, high blood pressure, brain fog, chronic pain & daytime sleepiness.

Dr. Liao says, “The diagnoses also suggests its own solution: enlarge the tongue’s habitat, and good sleep and energy will naturally follow.” His approach is using biomimetic oral appliances to turn on craniofacial growth to slowly widen one or both of the maxilla or mandible (upper or lower jaw). You can visualize making the cage larger.

I like that Dr. Liao addresses both adults and children with airway issues in this book. He talks about the importance of addressing a tongue tie if present. One big take away that I got is if you are already going in for a CBCT scan to analyze your TMJ function be sure to include an airway evaluation. Identifying a narrow airway could be used as a tool to assess the presence and severity of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). That can be used to drive your health and dental decisions.

All of the current run of books I’ve been reading have been confirming the same ideas I teach table side: blockers to normal dental-facial development include tongue-tie, nasal congestion, and habitual mouth breathing.

“It is time to break out of the tunnel vision and see the airway as the starting point of dental care.”


Review of The Dental Diet

While reading The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin I had a lot of feelings:

  • Why haven’t dentists ever told me or my kids what foods / vitamins to eat and NOT eat to strengthen my teeth and bones from the inside?! And WHY!

  • I’m just not sure I can eat liver, but one day I’ll try. Note, I tried chicken liver mousse first.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes!! Get that tongue in the right place & breathe through your nose. Has been my current client preaching already.

  • Take that osteoporosis, you won’t get me! (Following this diet will also give the right fat soluble vitamins to strengthen the bones).

This will be a book I recommend to clients and parents. Have I shared with you that I joke with my kids that my job as their mom is to keep them out of braces? I might suggest for some to read Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic first. Here are some quick highlights the book will address:

  • Fat soluble vitamins are very important, as well as sourcing. Vitamins D, A & K2.

  • Nasal breathing

  • Chewing whole, natural foods

  • Mouth and gut microbiome

  • Epigenetics

dental diet cover.jpg

Prenatal Massage Therapy as a Structural Massage Therapist

Here is my newest video for you, it is all about prenatal massage - my unique take on torso work as a structural therapist and an introduction to the bolstering system I use. So if you have a pregnant friend or family member looking for prenatal massage work please watch and share this video with them. Keep your eyes out! Towards the end I’ve included a picture of me when I was pregnant with my first child.

April 2017 Newsletter

Finally! I found a postural device that I believe in so much that I’m now selling it in my office.  The NadaChair is a back support system that you can use sitting cross-legged on the floor or in a standard chair.  It holds the pelvis at a neutral position so the spine can be lengthened and properly aligned. This is a great device for pregnant women, desk jobs, conferences, airplanes, meditation, or couch sitting. To learn more about how to use it and why as a postural massage therapist I recommend it please watch this video I made for you

Thank you to those clients who have referred me to your friends who could use my work and also to those who left great reviews on Google or Facebook.  These have encouraged other clients to come in for pain relief.

I’m getting positive client feedback since listing all available time slots at the top of my Facebook page. You may reference that even without an account. 

As spring has surrounded my office in the form of leaves of various textures and greens, the waterfall sound out the office window, blue herons, cardinals & hawks in view, I learned that the Japanese has a phrase for what I’m trying to do. It is called shinrin-yoku.  That literally translates to “forest bathing”.  I try to take in my Austin forest to soothe and calm me, revive me, slow me down, help me feel present and grateful for today.  Next time you walk through my little forest to come for your massage I invite you to slow down and enjoy a shinrin-yoku too. Here is an interesting article if you’d like to learn more.

I look forward to seeing you on my table soon!

Katie Pudhorodsky, LMT of Katie Massage


Now selling Nada-Chair

For the past 14 years I've been studying the structure of the body and suggesting ways clients can improve their posture at home or work. I've recently found a postural device that is good for sitting in a chair or on the floor cross legged. So I'm pleased to now sell Nada-Chair. I currently have the Back-Up device in my office for you to try and purchase. I can order any other system for you and have it directly shipped it you (no extra shipping fee). I'm happy to discuss which device is best for you.  Please watch my video to understand why as a postural massage therapist I recommend this device and how to use it.

Katie's Opinion on Chiropractic Care

Massage therapy is a compliment to chiropractic care. If both will be done on the same day, I suggest having the massage first to relax the tight muscles pulling the bones out of alignment.  This might make the adjustment less discomforting and last longer.
Remember that tight muscles pull on bones and influence joints and range of motion. So, to gain the joint range of motion back the muscle tension needs to be addressed.
Traditional chiropractic care does not treat ischemic tissues and trigger points in muscles. This is always addressed in a massage session.

A Session with Kyle

In July 2014 I took a road trip in North Carolina to Asheville in order to receive a session from Kyle Wright, LMBT. Kyle was the founder of the massage school that I graduated from and taught at for five years.  During my two hour NMT session I got to feel how Kyle's structural work has changed.  I'll be integrating some of his communication skills, techniques and slower paced style. 

Advanced NMT Head, Neck & Jaw Class

September 2013 I got to take another continuing education class with Judith DeLany of NMT Center.  This class added to my knowledge of treating the head, neck and jaw from a structural perspective. What I loved was the focus on anatomy and detailed intraoral work to help clients with TMJ pain.