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Why Massage Therapy is Beneficial

Massage therapy focuses on soft tissues such as muscle, fascia, and other connective tissue. Certain muscle groups are targeted as the source of discomfort through analyzing posture, your normal activities, and pain patterns. Massage therapy can lengthen short locked muscles that may be impinging on nerves or pulling bones out of alignment. It also brings fresh blood to starving tissues while flushing out the metabolic wastes. This results in the body shifting back into balance, a state called homeostasis. If left untreated, muscular imbalances can lead to joint inflammation or even degenerative discs.

Location & Hours

My office is located in east Austin, close to the MLK light rail station. 

Hours are Monday through Thursday 9 to 2:30; Friday 9 to 1; occasional weekday evenings starting at 6:45pm and a little on most weekends.  Scheduling a massage is a delicate art.  Rarely can I offer last minute sessions.  Massage sessions can fill up days or weeks in advance so it is best to plan in advance.  My office is not ADA accessible.  With proper planning I do have access to an accessible office, please ask.


Please note - the updated rates are listed below.

Individual Sessions

  • 60 minutes for $90

  • 90 minutes for $120

  • 2 hours for $150

  • 20 minutes dry skin brushing $25 (add on to any massage)

  • Occlusion Strapping 1 Joint for $20. 2 Joints for $30


  • Three (3) 60 minute sessions for $255 (Regularly $270)

  • Three (3) 90 minute sessions for $345 (Regularly $360)

Description of Services

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is integrated into most of my sessions. It is so unique that it gets its own page on my site. So read about it here and watch the video.

  • Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage are the most recognized types of massage. Since I like to specialize my session for each client, the whole body or a specific area is massaged to give the client a sense of relaxation and / or address pain issues. Benefits include: increased circulation, decreased pain and inflammation, relaxed nervous system, boosted energy, and improved sleep. A heated massage therapy table may be used to help you relax. I have found this type of massage very helpful for all populations experiencing social or physical stress.

  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) identifies muscular imbalances and postural distortions. NMT targets the source of the pain, instead of chasing the pain. It uses trigger point and friction techniques to relieve injured tissue, eliminate spasms, restore biomechanics and increase flexibility. Usually, only one or two muscle groups are targeted per session. NMT allows a reversal of the stress-tension-pain cycle. In my NMT sessions I like to give clients lots of education to help them address their issues at home. We may discuss chronic habits such as poor posture while sitting, standing, working and sleeping; tips to help hold your body in better alignment; along with stretches and foam rolling.

    This technique is specific and can be intense but we do not want it to be painful because we want the muscles to relax and lengthen versus tighten more.

  • Prenatal Massage is for the expectant mothers to target your goals of relaxation, pain relief, reducing swelling, or preparing the body for birthing. The hips and low back are important area to address during pregnancy. During the last half of the pregnancy I find a lot of benefit working the abdomen and muscular attachments along the iliac crest and lower ribs. This lifts the ribcage allowing easier breathing and an ease in maintaining good posture. In your session I use a bolstering device to make you comfortable in a side lying position. This video will tell you more about how I do prenatal massage as a structural massage therapist.