Craniofacial Pain / TMJ Disorder

Do you suffer from chronic jaw or face pain? Any muscle imbalance in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can create popping, clicking, the jaw locking in an open or shut position, grinding of the teeth, pain into the teeth or jaw, vertigo (dizziness) or tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  At Katie Massage, therapist Katie Pudhorodsky has advanced training in Neuromuscular Therapy, a type of pain management massage, to address the muscle tension and restore the posture of the body to a balanced state.

When any muscle is in a short locked position it may create trigger points (TrPs).  TrPs are palpable nodules in tight bands of muscle fibers. They refer pain local or distant to the TrP.  Within the four main muscles that directly control the jaw the TrPs could refer into the sinuses of the skull, the ear canal, the teeth or gums, or around the eyes.  This may feel like a headache or toothache.

Since the TMJ is a bilateral joint if there is an imbalance in left to right pulling of the mandible either or both joints could be affected.  Each joint has a synovial disc that must slide every time we open our jaw to chew, talk, yawn or sing.  A muscular imbalance could be related to anterior disc displacement where the disc slips forward of the condyle creating pain and popping or clicking.

A structural session for the TMJ area includes work on all the jaw muscles (external and intraoral), tongue, roof & floor of the mouth.  You may also be taught self massage to be able to treat these muscles at home on a regular basis.  The work is slow paced since these muscles are rarely explored, but the results are quick and the relief is appreciated.  After treatments clients have reported being able to open their jaw wider with less pain and resistance, less popping and clicking in the joint, had decreased tinnitus, easier swallowing, a relief of fluid pressure in their sinuses, and less active TPs.

For dentists and other health care providers

I do take referrals. Email me for a 21 minute video I’ve created for dentists called “Jaw Muscle Review Relating to TMD and Headaches.” Share it with your entire staff as a Lunch N Learn. It is a great introduction to my work, how you can help identify a soft tissue disorder and the type of results I can achieve.

Continuing Education Classes I have taken related to jaw, TMD, craniofacial pain

  • 2004 TMJ, Head and Neck Pain with Kyle Wright

  • 2008 Head, Neck and Jaw Pain with Til Luchau of The Rolf Institute

  • 2013 NMT for Cervical Cranium with Judith DeLany of NMT Center

  • 2016 NMT for Cervical Cranium with Judith DeLany of NMT Center (table assistant in training)

  • 2018 TMJ Intensive with Sarah Lashley of Precision NMT

  • 2018 NMT for Cervical Cranium with Judith DeLany of NMT Center (table assistant)

  • COMING September 2019 a physical therapist level class with Freedom Physical Therapy Services